Our Program

Our goal is to empower and enrich lives through stimulation activities including art exploration, skills acquisition, community involvement and therapies. We focus on the needs of each individual to support their personal growth and well-being.

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Types of Programming

Music Therapy

Music programming is an integral part of our day at Steer Friends. Programs range from recreational music programs to music therapy. Music offers a safe and rewarding place where our friends can be themselves. This program is designed to help our friends communicate, improve focus, self-control and interact with others.

Sensory-Based Learning

We all experience the world through our senses. We interpret and react to our surroundings based on information the brain receives from our eyes, nose, skin, tongue, and ears. At Steer Friends, we believe sensory based learning techniques are beneficial and encourages development.

Pet Therapy

Animals are used in therapy because they can help us relax, minimize stress, and offer a sense of safety and unconditional acceptance that puts us at ease. Animal therapy is an increasingly popular and effective form of therapy, especially for our friends. When people are given the opportunity to play with an animal, it is shown to have health benefits across an incredibly wide spectrum.

Art Expression

Art has the ability to inspire people and make them see things from a different perspective. Whether it’s painting a portrait, writing a story or playing a piece of music, art stimulates the brain and encourages positive actions in people’s lives. The Steer Friends art program gives opportunity for self expression and creativity in a warm and comforting setting.

Culinary Fun

Each week we create some wonderful, tasty treats for our friends to enjoy or take home to their families. We provide a full “hands-on” experience during our cooking and baking activities while adapting kitchen equipment to make cooking easier and safer for our friends.

Community Outings

We love participating in outings that allow our friends to engage and participation in our community. Our outings included scenic walks, farm visits, bowling, local festivals/activities, skating, swimming, museums, shopping and more!

What you can expect from
Steer Friends

What you can expect from Steer Friends

  • Professional, caring, high quality staff
  • Safe, clean surroundings
  • A well-organized program of meaningful, enjoyable activities
  • Celebration of special occasions
  • Dedicated attention to therapeutic needs & personal care needs